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Recent News: Spaces is TX-RAMP certified for colleges in Texas!

The Ultimate Student Companion.

Staff and students use Spaces to manage clubs, create forms, and access student services through CRM+ on an integrated platform.

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Selected stories from some of our favourite users!

Solutions built to benefit staff and students.

Free Student Spaces

Enhance student collaboration and engagement through dedicated club spaces with plugins.

Club Management

Streamline club operations with a robust club budget management system.


Facilitate seamless communication with integrated staff/student forms.

Student Services

Provide comprehensive student support with Spaces CRM+.

Wavie x Google

A New + Exciting Partnership with Google Cloud

We are proud to have a strong partnership with the Google Cloud. This collaboration has been instrumental in enhancing the capabilities of our software solution.

Kiwi Ingenuity helping the world.

We used Wavie spaces with Harvard students to mentor kids in need with text based chat.

February 2022 we ran the first live connection of Wavie Village connecting a Harvard Student to a child in Los Angeles. This was hosted on the Wavie Village digital platform so there was a live direct connection between participants.

The child asked the student a number of questions about getting into Harvard and the process. Having a pretty high GPA the child was very bright and it was interesting that they had no idea what an Ivy League school was. So by opening this dialogue on Wavie Village we were able to show what is out there in the world. Being a personal connection to a real student added to the experience.

Founded in New Zealand

There are 26 million sheep in New Zealand and 5 million people. Maybe a sheep communication system is next? Sheep talk by Wavie? That "wool-d" be cool. Get it? Wool? Never mind.

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